Be Ready to Get Thrilled during Your ATV Bali Adventure

bali atv
bali atv

ATV Bali has become a favorite for adrenaline junkies. Due to its rising popularity, Bali ATV ride is a flourishing business now. Among quad bike Bali enthusiasts, Pertiwi Quad Adventure in Abiansemal is pretty well-known. Situated on the high hill in Bongkasan Pertiwi, Abiansemal, this operator offers a long trek across the jungle. Not only that, you will be taken through the long and challenging trek to see the rice paddies and Balinese traditional village. As you thrill your adrenaline, pamper your eyes with the gorgeous and calming beauty of the lush greenery.

If you have an adventurous heart, ATV Bali riding adventure is a must do activity. The location of Pertiwi Quad Adventure where you can get one of the best ATV ride experience is in Br. Karang Dalem I, Desa Wisata Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Badung Regency. It is approximately 45 minutes to the north of Ngurah Rai International Airport. If you book from Wandernesia, you’ll get a complimentary hotel transfer for selected areas. If you are staying in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Canggu, or Tanah Lot area, you can use this convenient service.

For this activity, you’ll need to wear comfortable casual clothes and shoes. In addition, you have to bring extra clothes as you’ll definitely get wet and dirty along the way. This tour involves crossing small river and muddy road which most likely to be splashed to your body. As Bali is almost always sunny, don’t forget to put on some sunblock to avoid getting sunburn.

Upon your arrival in the area, refresh yourself first with the welcome drink prepared for you. Then, get ready to explore the wilderness with a professional guide riding with your group. Stop by some picturesque spots to take pictures for mementos before continuing your exciting journey. This ATV Ride Adventure is for teenagers, young adults, and parents. If you can’t ride alone, there are tandem ATVs which allows you to ride one bike together with a friend.

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