Have Your Little Ones Smile from Ear to Ear at Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo
Bali Zoo

For family trip, Bali Zoo can be one of the best destinations to put into your itinerary. With the total area reaching 85 hectares, this zoological park has more to offer than just an animal observation. This park also offers various animal shows and interesting programs that will help engage you and the other guests. The area of Bali Zoo is well-designed with lush tropical environment to help the animals feel comfortable living in it.

What do you expect your time in a zoo? Perhaps you’ll picture yourself wandering around, seeing animals on cages or enclosures, and read them up in the information board nearby. In Bali Zoo, you can do more. You can stay as a spectator and just sit down, watch the animal shows, and get entertained by their cuteness. Or, you can get yourself into this exciting world. Help the staff bath the elephants, talk with the keepers, or pet the gentle animals in the petting zoo. For your little ones, they can even explore certain areas around the zoo atop a cute little pony.

Bali Zoo is divided into two big areas. One of them is the Kampung Sumatra, home to endangered animals native to this island, such as Sumatran tigers and Sumatran elephants. If you join the Elephant Expedition program, you’ll be taken around this area on the back of the gentle giants. This trek includes a dip in the Olympic-size pool. Oh, no, don’t worry; you won’t get wet at all. Your intelligent friend will keep you above the water as they cross the pool. For the fullest experience, don’t miss the chance to personally feed these huge mammals with your own hand.

All those programs aren’t everything. In Bali Zoo, you can also get unique dining experiences, like having breakfast with Orangutans or dinner with the great elephants. Mahout for a Day get you the feeling of being a mahout and get closer to the elephants, while Elephant Mud Fun is where you can get wet and dirty with your cute gigantic mammals. Besides, Bali Zoo is also open for private events like birthday and pre-wedding photo session.

Bali Zoo is not only home to over 600 species of animals. It is also a conservation center that helps breeding those animals in captivity. If you are interested in having your holiday in this zoological park, you can get your ticket in Wandernesia. You just need to access their online site at wandernesia.com and search for the things you need. Not only tickets for activities and tours, but Wandernesia can also help you with your transportation, accommodation, and many others. (YAP)